Thursday 29 July 2021

Favourite Pet Animal (and why)

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Usually we provide a few options for you to choose from. 
You just need to select and use your favourite option in order to join in. 

For a chance to win our prize or top-3 spot, 
you need to tell us why you've made your choice.
That way our team and readers can appreciate why it's your favourite.

eg, if the theme is 'favourite animal' and you decide on 'bunny', tell us why.
eg, you love Thumper, the rabbit from Bambi !

So get crafting and remember to have fun 
and enjoy your crafting time.

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Before we get onto the theme of this fortnight's challenge
I am so happy to announce that we have a lovely new teamie joining us.
I'm sure many of you will already know
but please do pop by her blog and take a look at her lovely creations.
It's her first week playing along with the rest of the team,
so please welcome her.
We're so proud to have her on board with us.

This fortnight's challenge theme is to showcase a project using 
Your Favourite Animal that can be a Pet (& why).
You MUST explain WHY it is your favourite.
(extra bonus points for sharing a photo of your own pet!!)

Here are the beautiful creations made by our Design Team to get your mojo flowing:

My home isn't complete without a feline furball or two. Our current furbabies, Pickle and Jenson (JB) are both rescue kitties and have definitely got us wrapped around their tiny furry paws.  Here's my card using an adorable kitty from one of my new Penny Black stamp sets...
And firstly a quick pic of ickle Pickle, our timid calico sweetheart; she is more hubby's than mine, and she tends to be more of a house cat:

and then here's Jenson, initially his angelic 'please pick me, I'll be as good as gold' RSPCA mugshot, (which was 'purrfectly' designed to lure us in):

This was before we knew what a little monkey he was going to be, and he swiftly turned into a bread-stealing, carpet-shredding, bin-trashing, treat-begging furry house-wrecker fairly soon after we brought him home:

(of course, we wouldn't have him any other way!!!)

I love cats and dogs for sure.  We are hoping to add a dog to our family soon, but I think the animal that wins this tribute is my angel cat, Shami, a lilac point Siamese.  She was a tiny little girl and was my constant companion at home.  I loved her funny antics and demand for attention when she didn't feel she was getting what she wanted.

The love of my life is my cat Holly, who came in through my backdoor one day as a kitten who then produced three kittens in my wardrobe and never left..this is how she fills her day to terrify me..she sits on the fence and stares at the black cat over the road, and I know she goes over there too, I just don't want to think about it..we live on a main road.


I have opted for a playful puppy. It is lovely to see my Grandson interact with his springer spaniels. One is still a pup and so full of nonsence and life. 

Lupin and Rosie

My favourite pet would have been a dog. Unfortunately I have bad allergies, so no animals for me. :( But if I could have an animal, I think I would like a dog. My aunt used to have a dog and often she stayed at our house, when I was young and didn't have my allergies yet, and then Smurf would be my best friend during that week. I loved to walk the dog and cuddle with him. So I coloured a cute little doggie for my card. 

It has to be a dog for me seeing as we have two of them and I've never owned a cat. They are brothers from the same litter, both so loving, but with completely different personalities.

Charlie, on the left, is in need of a trim in this pic, but I thought it was such a cute one of him sat on the edge of our little pond.  On the right is Buddy and they both love sitting on your knee.

I am fortunate to have had New Forest Ponies in my life for the last 25 years. 
 Surprise, the oldest is 32 and has supervised absolutely everything that has gone on in our lives since I got her. I worry sometimes that sombody might actually hear when I am chattering away to her!!  Wills is a relatively new addition to the family and now that Surprise is retired, he is my riding horse and will be my last. He is 11 now so if he lasts as long as Surprise I will be well into my 70's!!

Wills & Surprise

My favourite pet is a kitty cat, I've been owned by several over the years, and our latest overlord is Rosie, adopted from the Blue Cross six years ago.  She is twelve now, but shows no signs of getting soft in her older years, she still has us on a string.

My favorite pet is a cat. I had cats since the age of 8. Unfortunately we don't have cats now though. We both work and are very often in our cottage in the weekends. Over the years my husbands allergy worsened so no cats for us anymore.

So now it's over to you.
We hope you will join in our challenge and show us your style.
Don't forget, you MUST explain WHY it is your favourite to be eligible to win.

Good luck, and happy crafting.
Hugs from the AYLI girls.

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  1. Thanks so much for choosing my card for the top 3 and congrats to all the winners.

  2. Oooh I'm a winner!! Congrats to the top 3 picks - all gorgeous cards! Love the challenge theme this time and the DT cards (and pet pictures) are fab. Am off to email to claim my prize now. Cheers, Sarah R

  3. Thank you so much for a top pick and I LOVE the DTs cards and animal pictures!