Thursday 21 July 2022

Favourite Fur, Feathers or Scales (and why)

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Our fortnightly challenge is a home for you to create something 
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Usually we provide options for you to choose from. 
You just need to select and use your favourite option in order to join in. 

For a chance to win our prize or top-3 spot, 
you need to tell us why you've made your choice.
That way our team and readers can appreciate why it's your favourite.

eg, if the theme is 'favourite animal' and you decide on 'bunny', tell us why.
eg, you love Thumper, the rabbit from Bambi !

So get crafting and remember to have fun 
and enjoy your crafting time.

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So, onto our next challenge

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This fortnight's challenge theme is to showcase a project using 
Your Favourite: Fur, Feathers or Scales (& why).
You MUST explain WHY it is your favourite.

Here are the beautiful creations made by our Design Team to get your mojo flowing:

Although I did enjoy the chickens we had, and I like watching the garden birds, I'm generally not fond of things that flutter around me, and since I'm scared of most things with scales there's really no surprise that my choice is fur!  Plus there's nothing quite like an evening snuggle with a furbaby (or two) for company!

Though I love dogs and cats and canʻt wait to get another dog, itʻs feathers for me right now.  I have had several very lovable birds in my lifetime including a parrot that I credit preventing a robbery.  Someone kicked in the door of my home, but nothing was touched.  He stood guard near the door and probably let out an ear splitting noise of some sort with all the ruckus.  

I love my cat and I loved my dog when I had him, but I really love birds,I had a bird called Monty and he could talk the birds for me.

Fur is my all time favourite. Love all the cute images that are always a joy to colour. 

I love fur the most, because I love the feeling it gives when you pet a sweet dog or cat. Unfortunately I am allergic, so I can't have my own dog or cat, but I can't help myself when I am visiting someone that has a cat or dog: I just have to pet it.....and then sneeze a lot! I love that when I craft I still can have a cat or dog and it doesn't make me sneeze. ;)

Colouring wise and in real life I prefer fur.  There are so many cute images out there to colour and when our two dogs have been groomed I can't believe how soft and fluffy they are and love having them next to me for a cuddle.

Feathers and scales...not a big fan!! animals with fur are most definitely my favourite kind. The soft fur on my Sprollie boys' heads feels as soft as a kitten and my ponies' noses are velvety. I have never got up close and personal with a squirrel but I imagine that fluffy tail to be suitably soft and furry!!

Soft and fluffy fur!  I quite like feathers themselves, but am nervous of birds, they are so delicate, except for chickens, chickens are sneaky and evil.  Scales are attached to things that freak me out (sorry to the tortoises), so fur it is, it's soft, it's strokeable, it's warm, it's usually wrapped around something I'd like to cuddle.

I do love feathers: feeding and watching the birds in our garden. I do love scales: feeding the fish in our pond but my favorite is fur. I love cats for their fur and their attitude.

So now it's over to you.
We hope you will join in our challenge and show us your style.
Don't forget, you MUST explain WHY it is your favourite to be eligible to win.

Good luck, and happy crafting.
Hugs from the AYLI girls.

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  1. Oh wow! I'm so excited to be the winner from your last challenge! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for choosing my card among the top 3 for your last challenge! So honored! Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for the great challenges and inspiration!!

  3. Very cute design team samples. Thanks for the challenge and chance to win an awesome prize.